This Christmas Checklist is for those not skipping Christmas like the Kranks! Whether hosting or traveling, this Christmas Checklist will help you remain calm with careful consideration for you wellbeing and the state of the economy. Welcome to our latest, greatest, and first edition of Editors Picks compiled just before the holiday caves in completely! 

Christmas Checklist Before Thanksgiving

Thinking about Christmas before passing Thanksgiving can be overwhelming. Without burdening you with too many Christmas related things to do, just do these few important things leading up to Thanksgiving to lighten your load. 

Christmas Checklist

Take Inventory

Audit your 2020 Christmas supplies sitting in the corner of your basement. it will take like two seconds… if your lucky. This should be the first thing you should do. We swear, elves come in during summer and steal the perfectly good Christmas lights wrapped up from last year. Make a list of any ornaments, lights, bows, wrapping paper, or decorations that “mysteriously have disappeared, maybe they were just the kids. Get that list right away so you know what you need before it hovers over you like a rain cloud.

Make Your Black Friday Gift List

This is one of the most important things you can do before Thanksgiving. If you get together with the same family from Thanksgiving on Christmas, you can do it Thanksgiving evening, but making that Black Friday gift list will help you sort, cross out, and add as you go. When you make this list, there will be things you will want to order online and in person. Generate a list of family member names and start thinking. Don’t overcomplicate this. Gift giving is fun, so have fun with it. Be sure to check out our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide here.

According to a survey from RetailMeNot, 30% of respondents say they’re starting shopping for Christmas even earlier than last year. Eighty-three percent responded by saying they will get started with Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. Shopping online and in-store according to this survey is split 50/50.

Take That First Step In Christmas Cards

Vistaprint has been playing their holiday commercials on YouTube as we speak and we give them a 10/10 on accuracy. Getting the family to remain in the same room or sit still can be a struuuuugle. Kudos to you for making Christmas cards happen if that’s something special to you. Get the family photo right away!

Tip: wrap gifts as you buy them. How to Wrap Christmas Gifts 🎁 

Christmas Checklist After Thanksgiving

We’ve split your Christmas Checklist into a before Thanksgiving and after Thanksgiving to do list.

Pull Out The Christmas Tree or Go Shopping

Are you a fake Christmas tree person or live? Either way The American Christmas Tree Association recommends getting your Christmas tree as early as possible this year with expected prices to rise this year and a supply shortage for artificial and living Christmas trees increasing. Not to put a damper on the season, but the sooner the better. This is why we have a list! Christmas wreathes and garland are also high on the list of demands this year.

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Revisit Your Black Friday Christmas Checklist

Right after Thanksgiving, revisit your Black Friday Christmas checklist. Revise and improvise this list. Remember to write what you’ve DONE not just the items that NEED to be done. You should feel accomplished by now and you need to let your brain know what you’ve done, not only the things that haven’t been done. Shop online or shop local for any edits you’ve made to your list. Keep in mind the recommended shipping dates posted by UPS and FedEx.

Order Christmas Cards

If you planned on Christmas cards this year, the sooner you order the better. Shipping is crazy this time of year. Check Vista Prints, Minted, Shutterfly or whomever you do your Christmas cards through shipping deadlines.

Beat The Store Traffic Jams By Placing A Grocery Order Pickup

Closer to Christmas if you’re the host, use this pro tip! Order grocery pickups have become so convenient and normal over the past couple years. If you have never placed an order pickup before, this is the year to do it! Walmart, Target, and Costco have become the masters at order pickups. Costco even delivers within certain criteria. This is a great time saving method to do around the holidays.

Christmas Checklist Gift Ideas Under $30

Need some easy ideas that you can hit up on Black Friday? We don’t let you down there either. Here are easy go to’s you can snatch under $30!

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