CBD Dosage Calculators

Are you a complete beginner to CBD and not sure what your next steps are? Or are you just not sure your current CBD dosage is correct?
We know how personal an individual’s journey to holistic wellness can be, which is why CBD dosage is not a “one-dose-fits-all”.

hōlus takes a unique approach to CBD dosage in the form of three easy-to-use (and understand) CBD dosage calculators.

Dosing is typically for the CBD tincture or gummy categories, as topicals don’t necessarily require an exact amount for you to feel the physical relief.

CBD Tincture Dosage Calculator


CBD Gummies Dosage Calculator


Dog CBD Dosage Calculator


How Does A CBD Dosage Calculator Work?

CBD dosage is a balancing act and our calculators are here to help you find your right balance – they do all the math for you, so you don’t have to!

Our CBD Dosage Calculator calculates your dosage based on three key things: bodyweight, desired potency, and goals – we explain why below.


Our CBD dosage calculators take multiple things into question, one of which is your personal weight. If you are an average 245 lb male football player, you would require a higher dosage compared to the average 104-127 lb 5’3 female. The higher the individual’s body weight, the more likely they will have a higher dosage to get the right balance. 


When searching for CBD oil online, you will come across labels and descriptions referring to “potency”. Potency refers to the amount of CBD that is in that particular tincture and is labeled in milligrams (mg).

A low potency would typically be 20mg, like one of our certified organic, full-spectrum gummies, while a high potency would be a 5,000+ tincture like our citrus 5,000mg high potency tincture. You’re dosage not only depends on your weight, but also the potency of your product. 

Low, Medium, or High Dose?

Why are you wanting to try CBD? When our dosage calculators ask for low, medium, or high doses, we are assessing your purpose for taking CBD. We want your experience to be fantastic and we know everyone has different goals in mind. Three options are given to you.

      • Low: general health, balance, relaxation, focus
      • Medium: restlessness, headaches, recovery
      • High: muscle soreness, irritations, joint discomfort, demanding relief, or other tenderness

Each scenario is different. Someone who has a hard time focusing would not take the same amount of CBD as someone who needs heavy recovery after a track meet. Your purpose for taking CBD plays a role in our calculations for your best interest.

CBD Dosage Calculator Help

CBD dosing can get frustrating for any beginner because of the common problem of, “I don’t feel anything.” We feel your frustration and know that this is completely normal.
Have patience with yourself, it takes some experimenting with CBD and your body to discover what fits you.

Want some expert tips? Here are some Hōlus Pro Beginner Tips:

1) Start strong (consistency is key) with your product dose. Consistency allows for clear measurement.

2) Your goals will likely change over time and when this happens, your dosing will need adjustments. So just recalculate. 

3) If you are looking to bring balance to your busy lifestyle, make an effort to incorporate your dosage into your morning routine. 

4) Keep a journal of your journey. You may be a terrible journal keeper, but we say try it because it is a lifesaver when your goals change and thus your dosage too.

5) Observe your environment and how your dose impacts certain settings and circumstances.

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