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Meet your holy grail. Our CBD Roll-On is a topical form of CBD that is formulated with aloe vera, menthol, and camphor – perfect for soothing the body.

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What’s Inside Our Roll On?

whats inside our roll on

What Is CBD Roll On?

A CBD roll on is a topical form of CBD used for relief, relaxation, recovery, and a variety of other uses. It is an absorbable ointment infused with CBD extract and other active oils or ingredients. Aloe vera, menthol, and coconut oil are commonly found in roll-ons.

What Does CBD Roll On Do?

Our CBD roll on may help support muscle recovery, muscle aches, soreness, and other minor discomforts. CBD is a naturally calming and relaxing ingredient.

How To Store Your Roll on

CBD is a heat and light-sensitive ingredient. We recommend storing your roll on in a cool area, away from windows and other sources of light. Your travel bag, hiking backpack, or everyday carry-on will do.

How To Use Your CBD Roll On

There’s no trick to it! Roll over the skin in circular motions for fast relief.  Applications may be repeated up to 4 times. Our roll on features natural botanicals like menthol and camphor, which feel soothing to the body but may cause irritation when applied facially, so keep to the upper and lower body, and avoid the face.

For Best Use

Where To Roll It

Be specific about where you roll your CBD. Where you feel the most pain isn’t always the source. Applying to the source will get you the most use out of your experience. Look for tension origination.

Stay Clear Of Cuts

Yes, we are stating the obvious, but it is a good idea to stay clear of any cuts or wounds when using a CBD roll on. Spreading over clean and washed areas of skin is good practice.

Sensitive Skin Use

If you have sensitive skin, patch testing is a good idea before applying your CBD roll on over an entire area. Checking ingredients before applying is also a smart decision, especially if you have sensitive skin to particular ingredients. This CBD roll on stick contains coconut.

muscle relief cbd roll on being used

CBD Roll On Details:

cbd roll on details: hemp sourced in usa, no animal testing, independent lab tested, 3 fl oz, eco friendly process, broad spectrum, 400mg CBD total, contains coconut
CBD roll on review

We ensure each CBD roll on contains only what it says it does. We are committed to thorough and professional third-party testing. Lab reports are always free to view. We are a company built on environmental friendliness, science-based research, and purity.

This is a product 100% free from: unwanted chemicals, leftover residuals, heavy metals, pesticides

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CBD Roll On FAQs

How long does the CBD Roll-On last?

Our CBD Roll-On has a lasting time of up to an hour. When you need it again, just ‘roll’ with it. 😎

How often can I use my CBD Roll-On?

 The average use of our CBD Roll-On is 3-4 times a day, or as needed. 

How long does it take for the CBD Roll-On to work?

Relief can be felt anywhere from 10-15 minutes after application and can last up to an hour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Jim R. (Michigan)
Love the roll on

The roll on is amazing. I have spinal stenosis, and sometimes my lower back is debilitating. I use the roll on and the pain relief is nearly instantaneous!

CR (New York)
Roll on

Whenever my knees and back ache this is my go to for pain relief. I will not use anything else, I need a lifetime supply!

ANDREA W. (Georgia)
CBD Roll On

Takes away muscle pain in about 5 min. Works great!

Cindy W. (Texas)

I just love this stuff. I can put it right on the spot where my pain breaks through. I even roll it on my face for my headaches!!!!
Love it Thank you and many thanks to my friend who sent me my first roll on!!!

Liz K. (South Carolina)
Effective but pricey

Previously I received this item as a gift. While I find it somewhat effective, I think it is a bit overpriced. I was offered a 10% discount so I made the purchase.

Charlene B. (Virginia)
Holus roll on

Awesome product that works very well! Thank you!

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